July, 22, 2014

An Inexpensive Cleaning Product
Tip #1
Have you ever tried using dryer sheets to clean your shower doors? Dryer sheets cut right through tough water stains. I buy mine at the dollar store. They leave the bathroom smelling nice. This is cheaper and safer than using expensive chemical and bleach sprays. Try it and save some money while cleaning.

Sunday, 05-18-14

Car Shopping:
I love good deals! I've been car shopping with a friend and this may be my hardest bargain to get. If I get a good deal I will update you all on my car shopping adventure. I am learning a lot these last few weeks.

Special Thank you:
On Mother's Day I got such a great gift from a complete stranger!!!! My coupon planter mission and efforts paid off, someone approached me and handed me a $10.00 coupon at Kohl's. I also had a $10.00 coupon with me. My bill was $75.00 for a pair of jeans and a purse. With discounts and coupons I paid $25.00 for both!!! I was so happy and touched that someone handed me a $10.00 coupon. It really made my day. It really felt like finding $10.00! In total I saved $20.00 with coupons, not bad. Thank you kind stranger out there!!! You made my day! Friends please don't forget to share your coupons or money saving tips. Have a wonderful week!

Friday, 04-11-14

I been planting coupons like crazy! This week alone I planted coupons at CVS  in Buena Park (hair care products coupons), Target in Cerritos (pet food products coupons) and Denny's in Buena Park, CA (20% 0ff and $5.00 off your bill coupons).  Most of the coupons I plant are for more than $2.00 of savings. Some coupons were valued at $5.00! $5.00 off products and or food, not bad. Free money for all in coupon savings. Now take that money you saved using coupons I planted in stores for you and buy yourself a nice treat, compliments of me.

Money Saving Tips:

Ladies do not use expensive name brand products for beauty. I use Wet and Wild, NYX, and Cover Girl for makeup. I normally pay under $3.00 per makeup item. Sometime I get make up free with coupons. I also discovered the best inexpensive shampoo, that I love. I am now crazy about.....drum roll..... because it feels so nice on my hair .....SUAVE Professionals-Rosemary and Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. You have to try it! I only paid $1.88 each 28 fl. oz bottle, with a coupon of course! Save money friends, do not be a brand loyalist, experiment with new brands and less expensive brands, even generic products. I cut my own hair, I color my own hair, I use inexpensive makeup and face creams and I feel great. Be aware that no product works better towards beauty than your very own self esteem!

Take Care and Happy Spring Season!


Friends, finally after 4 years of having this website, I posted a picture of myself in the "About Us" section. If you see me at a store planting coupons or anywhere, please say hi. If you need a coupon for something please ask me. I may have it and gladly give it to you.
Today I planted coupons at Flame Broiler in Buena Park. Did you find them? Let me know on Facebook:


Have a great week.

Hi Friends,
I hope everyone is well.  I've been busy planting coupons. A few days ago I planted coupons at a Stater Bros, most coupons were $1.50 off laundry detergents. Last night I planted some coupons at Denny's, coupon value $7.00 off when you buy two meals. While at Denny's I noticed someone walking who handed a Denny's container of food to a homeless grey haired lady standing near by. I was touched to witness a kind act. After dinner, I took my 11 year old son with me, and we too did the same. We shared a Denny's container of food with a homeless teen we saw earlier sleeping on the ground. We woke him up and handed him the food and a drink, he smiled really big and said thank you.  Someone else's kind actions affected my actions, that is what the Coupon Planter ideas are about. Helping others in anyway you can. Take care!

I am returning to my original mission which is, to share coupons. I place them in easy to find places. I call the strategic placing of coupons "Coupon Planting."  I am having fun planting or sticking coupons on products. I left some coupons taped to the front door of a restaurant. I am hoping to create a trend where everyone helps each other save a little money. Maybe it is my way of challenging everyone to connect with someone in a helpful way. I will also continue posting my money saving tips. Take care all!

For the Guys!

You can save money on anything. You do not always need a coupon. Earlier today I save $76.27 on two tires. Here are the steps:

Step #1.
First compare prices, and then call the competitors, such as Pep Boys, and America's Tires. Right down the names of the people you spoke with on the phone and the price they quoted. Next... — at Just Tires.

Step #2.
Pick a store that you believe has good prices then ask them for the best price they can offer. Tell them that you spoke to, give them a name and store name from the people you called. Tell them I really want to spend my money with you and not with.... and once again say the name of the competition. The store that wants your business will try to beat the competitor's price. I was quoted $224.60 for the two tires on the bottom right of the photo,next to the date at $67.05 each. Yes $224.00 for two tires this included,installation, waste tax, labor, taxes and other stuff. I did NOT pay $224.60. See how much I paid next... — at Just Tires.

Step #3.
I paid $148.33! I got a a few things for FREE, see invoice.
I saved $76.27!
It only cost me a few phone calls. NO COUPONS! Any questions?
PS. Thank you to Just Tires in Buena Park, Great Service. — at Just Tires.

To see the photos please visit:


Happy early Valentine's Day, I have to go now I feel TIREd.
From seeing so many tires. LOL

FREE Milk at Stater Brothers!!!
When you purchase 4 boxes of General Mills Brand Cereals at $2.50 each. So for $10.00 you get 4 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk. Not bad but I took it a step further with a coupon for $2.00 off of five boxes. So I have six items in the photo below and I only paid $10.50. That equals $1.90 per item.

Here is the receipt.

Save money on fast food using coupons, this is what I purchased at Jack in the Box, 2 breakfast meals including coffee. I paid  $5.70  for all of this, see images, read the receipt.

Saving money tastes so good! Ah... hot coffee, yum.

You may now find me on Facebook:

Hi Friends,
Here are some money saving tips. Always remember to review all ads/store circulars and price compare. Shop at grocery stores with the most, specials, deals and/or promotions that meet your shopping needs. This simple action could save you lots of money. A store with reduced prices on produce will overprice meats, and dairy to make up the loss.  I never buy my produce where I buy meats and dairy. The grocery stores know that once you walk through door, you are more likely to buy everything you need at one location. Stores lure you in with gimmicks, such as a "BBQ Sale" with prices reduced on all meats but anything else you need for your "BBQ" will be over priced, from the potato chips, sodas, and meat tenderizers. That is how they get you. The way to beat the grocery stores at their game is ONLY buy what is on sale and get out! I usually shop two or three grocery stores. For me it is usually the major grocery store with meats on special and the local inexpensive produce stores. Do not be afraid to visit small local ethnic markets for your produce, trust me the produce will taste the same as the produce at the big grocery stores but, will cost much less. These are my money saving tips for this month.

Please see the pictures of my most resent shopping deal at Ralphs, using coupons. You will see 31 items but I only paid $46.89 that is $1.51 per item.  How much do you pay for these things?

October 27, 2012
Store Closing SALE TODAY!!! 75% to 90% Off!!  8060 Dale Ave, Buena Park, CA
Phone # 714.828.5550

Some times pictures can say a thousand words. I have the longest receipt to prove it! Every thing ended up costing $1.01 dollar per item!!! Incredible!!!

The LONGEST receipt EVER!

The balance was $129.08 divided by 127 items=$1.01 per item
WoW, what a savings!!! Your turn to shop.

Produce, Produce, Produce almost free! See photos below:

Mostly produce, all of this for.......felt close to free.....

$28.55 divided by 40 items equals .71 cents each item! Almost every store specializes in some kind of savings. Do not purchase meats where you purchase produce. The cheap produce is a lure by the store to reel you in for the big spending. Plan a list, stick to it and the store won't be able to stick it to you. Check your other store ads and see who has the meat on special. Any question please email me: save@couponplanter.com

Combine your store coupons and manufacturer coupons, it really makes a difference. 10/17/12

Hi Friends,
I am excited about today's savings, hope it inspires you to save.
Today I purchased 49 items, some which were, Tri-Tip steaks, Salmon fish, frozen food, laundry detergent, one dozen red roses, and many other great items at $1.61 each!!! Please see images of what I purchased.

My bill was $79.29, divide by the number of items purchased
49 items, that equals to $1.61  per item. How much do you pay for these items?

Now what will I do with the money I saved today?

$89.90- It feels so good to save money.

Remember to plan your grocery list, because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
Enjoy Your Shopping!
- Coupon Planter
How to Save 8/24/11:

School Supplies are almost FREE!!! These stores are counting on you to stick around and purchase all your back to school needs. The secret to save is; ONLY purchase what you need from the sale advertisement and walk away. Some things are so inexpensive it can't hurt to purchase them and donate them to your local schools. 

These items were $0.33 Cents ONLY! 
About .06 cents an item? NICE No?

Everything below, in this grocery shopping photo was less than $2.00 an item!  Shrimp-Tri Tip Roast- 8 piece fried chicken, etc. The bill was $102.05 there were 63 items.  I omitted a case of 24 drinking waters in error.

Photo of the receipt, my total saving was $107.00 more than 50%:

Do NOT pass up these deals!                 July 29, 2011

I purchased a $57.00 summer outfit for $10.75
Using the $10.00 off coupon plus free store cash. See evidence photos:

Please email me your questions. I am always happy to share money saving tips!


Money Saving Tips:                                                 June 13, 2011

1.  If you love to eat fast food, then save money by not buying a drink, instead bring your own drink. Just remember to order a cup of ice and pour your drink into it. You just saved $2.00.  (always order food to go, some places charge an "eat in tax") Then once you have your food eat it there, or anywhere you want to.

2.  Purchase the "Entertainment Book" it is a coupon clippers dream come true. It has hundredrs of discounts and  coupons for free meals. 

3.   If you are looking to purchase a high ticket item, price shop.  It always pays off to do your homework.  Most stores match or beat competitor's prices.

4.  When shopping for clothes shop at the sale racks and outlets. You can find items at 30% to 75% less than regular prices! All stores need to make room for new inventory, thus the sales racks. Enjoy!

5.  At the grocery stores, do not be afraid to combine manufacturer coupons with store coupons, they are two seperate coupons for one product.

6. Share coupons with other price shoppers, tell your friends and family about money saving deals. Plant coupons if you have coupons that will soon expire and you do not plan to use.


Free money is everywhere! You just need to know where to look to find it.  "Yes it is legal." and "No, it is not a scam!" I found $160.44 cents!!!!! I am posting photos as evidence! (please see below)

Hi friends, please call me "Coupon Planter." I am so passionate about saving all of us money that I had to find a way to share this information! I am an everyday mommy with a family of five to feed.  Like many, I have been greatly affected by this tough economy.  So I decided to make lemonade out of lemons.  Cheers to finding free money!

I will get straight to the point. If you plan, you save money.  Most of us need to shop for groceries because they are a necessity.  We need toothpaste, shampoo, laundry detergent, pet food, and of course food for ourselves. Sooner or later we will need to visit the grocery store and spend, spend, spend! Paying too much for life's necessities. Did you know that there is someone out there who wants to pick up part of your bill? They will pay for half, if not more!  Who is that someone? Why are they doing this? Where are they? When will they do this? That someone is your local grocery store, a product manufacture or even well known restaurants.  They are giving away free money in the form of coupons and product discounts! Coupons and product discounts are a form of marketing. Coupons have a dollar value.  The value is printed on them.  Coupons also have an expiration date. Stores and product manufactures are doing this to get your attention.  Saving you money is an incentive to get you to buy their products. Coupons are everywhere. You can find them in your Sunday newspaper, in neighborhood saver magazines, on the inter net and sometimes they are printed on the store ads. Coupons can be use at anytime. I call my self the Coupon Planter because I can not resist the idea of saving someone money.  I randomly plant coupons in stores, next to products. Yesterday I handed out a few $2.00 coupons at Ralphs. Today I handed a" buy a meal get one free" $7.00 value coupon at IHOP as I was walking out. So start collecting your free money now. It will take some planning but it will pay off. 


(but first see all eight of my "evidence photos" - please scroll all the way down)

1. First I compared store ads for this week.
2. I identified the store that best met my needs, due to prices or items on sale.

3. I pulled and combined my store coupons and manufacturer coupons.

4. I created a list. I chose Ralphs in order to use my rewards certificate, that was generated based on the amount of points I earned. I also wanted to use a local magazine coupon for $5.00 off my grocery bill.  I will combine the rewards certificate and the magazine coupon with my manufacturer and store coupons.
*Could not get this image to rotate, sorry.
These are the steps to take: 

1. Buy your Sunday paper at the 99 Cents Store.  (you just saved .50 cents)

2. Pull out the manufacture coupons and cut them out.
****Don't cut out the coupons for products you will not use. If you don't have a baby, you won't need diaper coupons.
****Do cut coupons for products you may want to try, sometimes you will get certain products for free.

3. As your cutting coupons put them in piles of relevant products, all dry grains and cereals in one pile, all canned foods in another, household cleaning in another and so forth and so on.

4. Using an organizer put them in this order, and label each tab as follows:
Canned Food
Dry Food

5. Prepare a grocery list.

6. Gather all your local grocery store ads and start price comparing, weed out the ones that seem over priced. You should be left with two or three grocery store ads that call your attention based on weekly advertised sales.

7. Pick the store that is advertising most of the things you need to buy. I usually choose a store that will double the value of my coupons. Example .50 cereal coupon doubles to $1.00. That's a free scratcher!

8. Start pulling coupons that represent items on your list, like shampoo, laundry detergent, breakfast cereal, canned soups, yogurts, etc.

9. Paper clip the selected coupons to your grocery list. Remember to take all of your coupons in the organizer with you to the store.  This is in case you left something out of your grocery list, but see it on sale and have a coupon for it. Be aware that some stores have "managers specials" that are not advertised on their weekly ad.

10. Upon entering the store go to Customer Service and sign up for a club card or a"rewards card", they are free. Have the card linked to a phone number you will always remember.  In case you forget your card you can use your phone number and still receive special savings.
TIP: Always use the same phone number at every store.  That way you never have to carry your"rewards card" but you will always get the savings.

11. Shop for the items on your list. Hopefully most of the items you are shopping for will be on sale.

12. When checking out, wait until your shopping bill is totaled, carefully look at the amount, then present you rewards card to the cashier, watch the bill shrink, then hand her your coupons and make sure the cashier scans each one. Watch the bill shrink again! Look at your receipt to verify savings. 

Congratulations, you just used free money!

Set a goal to save even more on your next shopping trip and tell a friend about how you learned to save money from couponplanter.blogspot.com.

5. This is how long my receipt was, close to 30 inches.  I purchased 57 items.

6****See BALANCE** $55.88 dollars for 57 items That is less than .99 cents per item!
In total I found $160.44 of free money!

7. This is exactly what I purchased. Each of these items costs less than .99 cents! 

8. Do you recognize these products? How much do you pay for them?  Please read "These are the steps to take:" above. 

Comments or questions:

Thank you,
Coupon Planter

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