Monica Aguilar-Salinas
Creator of Coupon Planter
Orange County, California

About Us

Hello Friends! Welcome to  My name is Monica Aguilar-Salinas and I am the Coupon Planter. I am hoping you are here because you found a coupon someone planted for you, or you were handed a coupon by a "Coupon Planter". Who or what is a "Coupon Planter"?

A "Coupon Planter" is one who shares coupons and money saving tips with others. 

The idea of this website is to encourage you to save money and hopefully you will encourage others to save money also. Yes save money, at the grocery store,  restaurants, movies, and retail stores. It feels good to save money and it feels good to help others. That is the reason for this web site.  We want you to pay it forward, by doing one or all of the following; also planting coupons,  donating food to local food banks, volunteering at a school, library, hospital, or senior home. Maybe even donating money to a worthy cause. We planted a coupon to inspire a kind deed from you. Who will you inspire to do the same? Imagine if everyone joined the Coupon Planter movement? Please tell your friends about us.

We are selling nothing! We are only giving away money saving tips, a few coupons and presenting the idea of helping others. 
Monica Aguilar-Salinas- COUPON PLANTER

Please sign our guest book and leave your comments. You may contact me at:
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