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Hi Friends!                      January 15th, 2014
Its been a while but I am back. I was away battling breast cancer since being diagnosed in December 2012. The year 2013 was a tough year but I am finally slowly feeling alive again for this new year of 2014. I started this website to help others and boy did I learn a lot about being the person in need. My friends, please continue sharing coupons, money saving deals and donate food or money to people or organizations in need. Helping others feels good.  Please click on "HOW to Save" on this site for money saving tips.
Your friend,
The Coupon Planter ,
Monica Aguilar-Salinas,
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October 21, 2012- Many 20% OFF coupons and FREE gift coupons were planted at Harbor Freight Tools 14345 Firestone Blvd., La Mirada, CA.
**Please take a coupon, only if you will use it. If you do not use it, please replant it. Someone planted a coupon to help you save, now pay it forward. I have witnessed some greedy behavior among some "coupon pickers",  they take more than one coupon and do not use it.

Coupon Picker: One who picks a planted coupon

Coupon Planter's mission is to help others by SHARING coupons and money saving  tips.

October 17, 2012 -Coupons were planted at Ralphs 13321 East South Street, Cerritos, CA.
Coupons were planted at the Buena Park Mall:
Michaels, Chilis, Pat and Oscars and Carls Jr. on 07/25/11

Coupons were planted at Chuck E. Cheese -11231 183rd Street, Cerritos, CA. 07/11/11

Previous Plantings:

Coupons were planted at KFC -5720 S. Vermont Ave. in Los Angeles, CA.  6/22/11

Coupons were planted at Harbor Freight Tools -4247 Woodruff Ave. in Lakewood, CA. 6/21/11

Coupons were planter at Carrows-8650 Beach Blvd. in Buena Park, CA. 6/18/11

$10.00 off El Torito-Coupons were planted at El Torito-5980 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena Park, CA. 6/17/11

Coupons were planted at Chuck E. Cheese -11231 183rd Street, Cerritos, CA. 06/14/11 

Coupons were planted at Ralphs Grocery Store -13321 South Street, Cerritos, CA. 6/13/11


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Coupon Planter
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